Services and Fees

Ramp Fees


Light Jet Aircraft             $50.00

Heavy Jet Aircraft           $100.00

Tie Down Fees

Single Engine          $5.00/night




Multi Engine          $10.00/night



Hangar Space Fees


Single Engine               $35.00/night


Single Engine Large     $35.00/night


Multi Engine                 $45.00/night


Turbine                $100.00/night

Aircraft Services

GPU service                     $60.00


Oxygen Service                $45.00


Oxygen into Plane           $75.00

Small GA aircraft  Call for Pricing

Large GA aircraft  Call for Pricing


Military aircraft   Call for Pricing

After Hours Facility Fee
(call-out service)

Catering Services

for catering services call us at 575-524-8047



Southwest Aviation Inc is located

under the Phillips 66 sign at KLRU

9050 Zia Blvd

Las Cruces, NM 88007




Open 7 days a week:

Monday-Friday  8am-6pm

Saturday  8am-6pm

Sundays  8am-6pm

*Call Out Service available upon request

Call us at: